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Oil and Gas wells cannot be drilled without creating waste. However with good waste management practices the amount of waste and the toxicity of the waste can be reduced. The greatest volume of waste generated in the drilling process is drill cuttings and the first step in carrying out effective waste management on the field is through solid control, which is amongst the services Oilfield Management Services Limited provides.

Oilfield Management Services Limited is a solid control and Waste Management Company which was incorporated in 2012 as a limited liability company that will offer leading-edge in solid control and waste management services.

The ethos of Oilfield Management Services Limited is to deliver the optimum service and support which exceeds the expectations of our clients.

Our solid control technology is designed to optimize drilling efficiencies by reducing fluid losses, HSE impact and cost in general.





Our Mission

commaWe strive to provide integrated drilling waste management structure that addresses all the needs of your specific project. comma