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Key benefits you get dealing with Oilfield Management Services Limited include:
  • Provision of solid control solutions which improve drilling rates and reduce cost through efficient removal of drilled solids. These solutions minimizes the environmental damage during your operation
  • We recognize that each project and rig is different and this variation extends to solid control operations. Our engineers work closely with other contractors & operators to achieve success during the entire drilling operation.
  • We examine well programs to determine optimum soild control program to meet specific cost, operational and environmental requirements
  • Value-added services and support programs that maximize uptime, simplify management, and deliver solid value.
  • Extensive oil and gas experience

Oilfield Management Services Limited believes that the best value comes from offering client superior total solid control and waste management solution. In addition to providing high-performance products that are competitively priced, Oilfield Management Services Limited's superior service and support capabilities, contribute to synergistic oil and gas solutions that make Oilfield Management Services Limited the clear choice for discerning clients worldwide.



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commaWe strive to provide integrated drilling waste management structure that addresses all the needs of your specific project. comma