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Advance planning increases effectiveness and efficiency

Oilfield Management Service's engineered waste management solutions are customized to maximize drilling efficiency.  That customization delivers different solids control systems for a variety of waste management needs.  Our engineers collaborate with you to fully understand your project priorities.  These discussions enable us to customize the solids control system that will best meet the specific demands of your drilling program.  Whether your goal is meeting compliance regulations for overboard discharge, reducing waste or water, lowering the cost of waste transportation, or maintaining effective solids control while achieving high ROP in onshore/offshore drilling, We will engineer a solids control program to meet the operational specifications and environmental needs of your drilling program.

Maximum solids removal maximizes cost savings

Efficiently removing unwanted solids from the circulating system helps ensure the highest quality drilling fluid in your wells.  Improved solids control efficiency translates into less replacement fluid, fewer additives, less waste (solid and liquid) to be transported and disposed of, and less risk of hole problems related to excessive solids content in the drilling fluid.

Maintaining drilling fluid properties enables optimal efficiency

Effectively removing unwanted solids from the drilling fluid on the first pass through the solids control equipment is an important factor in maintaining drilling fluid properties and reducing drilling fluid cost. We utilize the highest quality solids control equipment in all our operations.  Rigorous integrated operational and technical processes, in addition to our process approach to customization, allows us to determine in advance problems that might occur and often how to avoid them altogether.  The more we know about your goals and challenges up front, the better our customized solids control solution will serve your specific drilling program.  


Centrifuges are used towards the end of the solids control system, removing the finer drill solids from the drilling fluid. Maximum solids removal is imperative early on, before the active fluid system returns down hole to collect more solids and further break apart into finer solids affecting the density or weight of the fluid system. We provide high capacity decanting centrifuges help ensure maximum separation of fluids and solids.

Flexible technology to meet operational and throughput needs

In weighted fluid systems our centrifuges can be used to control the rheological properties of the fluid by recovering barite through adjustable bowl speed and centrifugal force. Barite and necessary weighting agents are allowed to remain in the active system and continue to circulate. We help select the right centrifuge in conjunction with all solids control equipment after extensive evaluation of the project needs. We consider environmental regulations, fluid plan, target ROP and more. Our capable engineers are available for maintenance needs, expert waste management advice and can keep the project running with minimal NPT. The centrifuges we provide are designed with easy access to normal wear parts for fast and easy maintenance

Cutting Dryers

As regulations on drilling waste become more stringent, operators are in need of reliable waste disposal solutions that ensures the waste and the liability of its impact are gone for good. Our cutting dryers due to its high capacity processing offer a reliable solution by reducing the oil on cuttings ratio of oil-based fluids to an acceptable limit for waste disposal. Maximum separation of solids and liquid can be achieved. Increased separation means increased fluid recovery, lower cost of replacement fluid and minimal waste to be transported and disposed of low gravity solids and other waste can ruin the integrity of the circulating system. The cutting dryer is one piece of the solid control system designed to remove solids and keep the operations running smoothly.

We provide enhanced solid control services including closed loop systems. Centrifuges, shale shakers, cuttings dryers are all delivered, erected and operated by trained engineers to maximize your fluid recovery and solid waste disposal. We set ourselves apart from our competitors by providing experienced professionals for on-site support

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