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Our Commitment

In addition to the corporate level of management involved, Oilfield Management Services Ltd is committed to the recruitment and training of Nigerian staff required to perform the relevant tasks. This would be facilitated by the extensive recruitment and training programme already in place, which is currently bringing indigenous staff into positions usually associated with expatriate staff.

We have chosen several procedures to achieve this objective. Some of these include:
  • Formal training of Nigerians
  • Hosting Seminars
  • Managerial Training opportunities
  • Technical training
  • Technical presentations
  • Hosting advanced technical classes
  • Other inter-active approaches to technology transfer.

We are also committed to increasing Nigerian content through involving Nigerians on all levels of project planning and execution including:

  • Proposal efforts
  • Overall project management
  • Technical expertise
  • Pipeline Inspection / Route Surveys
  • Other various survey activities

Our Mission

commaWe strive to provide integrated drilling waste management structure that addresses all the needs of your specific project. comma