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Indigenization Plan (Summary)
  • Making use of Nigerian individuals, contractors and suppliers to the fullest possible extent with due consideration to competitiveness and capability.
  • Developing the capability of individuals and contractors, where appropriate, to meet business needs.
  • Understanding the Nigerian content expectations of the Government, which is a high priority, and by meeting the terms of legislation and agreements.
    • Establishment of the principles and objectives.

      The goals and objectives for the involvement of Nigerians in projects will be established as a level 1 activity with the OILFIELD MANAGEMENT SERVICE LIMITED board. A policy statement will be created and a schedule for review will be set.

    • Establishment of the full potential scope of Nigeria content.

      The aims and objectives of OILFIELD MANAGEMENT SERVICE LIMITED for the involvement of Nigerians will be made known. The potential for training of National staff amongst expatriate personnel (if any) will be explored, and a co-coordinator will be appointed to co-ordinate the training and report to the OILFIELD MANAGEMENT SERVICE LIMITED Project board.

    • Establishment of interface management systems.

      Management systems, common to OILFIELD MANAGEMENT SERVICE LIMITED will be put in place to effect integration of the effort of Nigerians, technology transfer and training.

    • Establishment and integration of training schemes.

      Training schemes and ‘candidate descriptions’ are determined to achieve the skill transfer objectives set. In addition to skill transfer specific to the equipment and services that is comprised in tender package, industry standard qualification and accreditation training will be provided where appropriate and practicable. The aim would be not just to train a Nigerian staff member to test or inspect, but to establish the staff member as a qualified and accredited engineer commensurate with European and U.S training standards.

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