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Oilfield Management Services Ltd Policies & Plans

This section represents a comprehensive declaration of the policies and plans that would be adopted in order to attain the objectives set out by terms of local content capacity development.

By virtue of the Nigerian content of the contracting entity, Oilfield Management Services Ltd as a company has a profound understanding of the indigenization goals that need to be set and the means to achieve the highest level of Nigerian Content. As defined in the policy statement below, demonstrating Nigerian content in terms of temporary manufacturing and assembly facilities achieves very little in the long term. It is the view of this contracting entity that the vision for meaningful national content and indigenization objectives for this project, and the strategies by which they may be achieved, should emanate from Nigerians from the region concerned.

Oilfield Management Services Ltd has high regards and reserve consideration for indigenous participation, to a high level of Nigeria content in all projects. To this end, we have set out objectives, which maximizes the Nigeria content and provides the most long term benefits to the indigenous population without compromising the operational efficiency and technical integrity of the project. This company is such that the proposed plans for indigenization and the Nigeria oil and gas industry. Oilfield Management Services Ltd further believes that these goals and the attainment plans will set new standards in indigenous involvement in the oil and gas industry in West Africa and in turn facilitate technological transfer.

Oilfield Management Services Ltd shall embrace the following policy statement, plans and goals.


Our Mission

commaWe strive to provide integrated drilling waste management structure that addresses all the needs of your specific project. comma