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Policy Statement and Indigenization policy

We are committed to achieving the following goals in respect of all projects:

  • Establish the maximum degree of Nigeria content practicable without compromising company objectives concerning operational efficiency and technical integrity
  • Conduct work in a way that has near and long term benefits to the community in which Company works, consistent with its corporate guiding principles.  This includes working directly and through others to provide education and training which brings together national objectives to improve quality of life with business needs.
  • Work proactively to achieve high levels of Nigerian content in the scopes of work for projects, taking into consideration competitiveness and capability.
  • Invest in training to bridge the gaps between business needs and local capabilities.
  • Maximize the potential for project revenues to remain in Nigeria.
  • Establish meaningful, long-term and sustainable relationships between Nigerian companies, engineers, managers and technicians, and their counterparts in Europe and other western countries for the express purpose of skill and technology transfer.
  • Develop CASHES policy for Oilfield Management Services Ltd and sub-contractor with provision for continuous assessment and improvement so as to ensure safe systems of work, harmonious community relations and zero, negative environmental impact.

It is the policy of Oilfield Management Services Ltd to instigate a series of cultural education initiatives amongst their foreign partners, aimed at promoting an understanding of Nigeria, her, people, culture, politics and aspirations. This is in order to strengthen the bond between Nigeria and expatriate participants, to aid skill and technology transfer and to reap all of the rewards that mutual understanding and respect bestow.

Our Mission

commaWe strive to provide integrated drilling waste management structure that addresses all the needs of your specific project. comma